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For castings, please visit IDAP for action performers and IDPM for actors who can fight.

Before submitting, please check that you have provided us with the following information:

Action Coordination
  • Number of action scenes and characters involved
  • Fighting style and weapons involved
  • Availability dates
  • Fee offered
Action Agency (Casting)
  • Full character breakdowns, including age range, gender, height, etc.
  • Any specific skill sets required
  • Availability dates
  • Fee offered
Gun & Weapon Hire
  • Types and number of weapons needed
  • Specify which weapons need to be fought over, dropped, or thrown
  • Will weapons be used indoors / outdoors and visible to the public?
  • Do you need squibs?
  • Do you need an armourer?
  • Dates required
Private Lessons / Schools & Corporate Workshops
  • Location / venue
  • Dates of workshop / session
  • Length of workshop / session
  • Number of students
  • Age range of students

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