From Productions

Beowulf, Old Queen's Head & Bridewell Theatre / Eclectic Opera
"Thanks for all your hard work, we had tons of good feedback about the fights - particularly from a martial arts expert who loved the use of the fans and the leather hand wraps!" Buffy Sharp - Director

The Three Musketeers, Berkhamstead School
"Huge thanks for all your work so far; it is clear that you have done a great deal of imagining and preparing before each session - and that makes all the difference." Paul Harvey - Director

The Link, Lion Television / National Geographic
"Your advice came in very useful indeed. We imparted everything you taught us to the presenter and tried to apply it to the planning of the shots and it definitely helped it to look good and for everyone to feel safe." Lucy Haken - Assistant Producer

Macbeth, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"The high-octane opening battle sets the scene for this dark tale of intrigue and violence... The action is fast-moving and unrelenting. ***** Five Stars." David Kerr

Jukai, The Blue Elephant Theatre / Theatre Temoin
"The fight was wincingly good particularly when it went into reverse." Customer Comments

Romeo & Juliet (International Tour), GB Theatre
"The fight scenes in Romeo & Juliet have been a major talking point as audiences loved them! Thank you for doing such a great job with these." Gillian Roca - Producer

As you like it, ADC Theatre / Historyonics Theatre Company
"So well choreographed was this fight that there were gasps of sympathy from the audience as Orlando suffers some cruel blows." Mike Levy

Diamond Swords, Warwick Castle / British Academy of Fencing
"Wonderful to see the standard of swordplay is better than ever." Roy Goodall

Can You See Me Yet, Brockley Jack Theatre / Language Laid Bare Productions
"The best theatrical slaps, pokes and prods I have ever seen." Philip Herbert

Macbeth, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"A remarkably high-octane Macbeth. As action packed as it is exhilarating to watch. With sword, axe, spear and bare fist fighting it is an impressively energetic and dynamic production - 5 Stars." Victoria Claringbold

Romeo & Juliet, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"The swordfighting scenes were fast and furious, and Romeo's vengeful murder of Tibalt was gruesomely executed amid a fountain of blood." Christina McIntyre

West Side Story, Epsom Playhouse / Epsom Players
"I really enjoyed the day. Very professional, very charming and friendly. We learned a huge amount in such a short space of time, and by the time we were done, felt super-confidant about performing it in front of a live audience. Highly recommended." John Sutherland (performing as Riff)

Hamlet, Tivoli Theatre - Ireland
"This is first time I've worked with a professional fight director on a show, and what a difference it has made. Choreography was a joy to perform and learn, as not only did it test my technical abilities, but it complimented and hightened the character and story. Having this experience gives me a lot of confidence going into a another show requiring choreography." Richard Maxted - performing as Hamlet

Romeo & Juliet, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"Anyone who thought that R&J was for softies will have had something of a shock, as this was as energetic, rude and bloody an affair as any Tarantino fan could hope for." Mark Neal

Macbeth, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"The play explodes into action with a high-powered fight sequence using real swords, axes and spears that superbly captured the intensity of battle." Robin Strapp

West Side Story, Epsom Playhouse / Epsom Players
"Thank you for taking the time to show us your moves! It was one of the best rehearsals I've ever had, both exciting and challenging." Jeffrey Chinappen (performing as Bernardo)

Pagliacci, King's Head Theatre / Opera Up Close
"I'd forgotten what a tight and brutal piece this is. Verismo, indeed." Anna Picard

West Side Story, Pegasus Theatre Oxford / Ric Nic
"Thank you so much for coming to do the workshop, I speak for everyone in saying it was completely spectacular! Not only is your advice invaluable, but I believe what is particularly appreciated is the non-patronising approach you take in teaching us, which makes the lessons fun as well as informative." Isabel Ogilvie-Smith - Producer

Macbeth, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"The fight are something to behold, choreographed brilliantly, they are almost terrifying. I could feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins, and I was a mere audience member sitting in the stalls." Stage, Screen & the Mistyque

Lord of the Flies, Catford Broadway Theatre
"Your work's had a real impact, and the fights are really memorable, and an integral part of the show. Brilliant, and thanks again!" Cameron Jack - Director

As You Like It, Tour/GB Theatre Company
"The best choreographed wrestling I have seen in a play." Patrick Phillips - Reviewer

COS - Chronicles of Syntax (series), I Dare Productions / Channel Flip
"You are a serious legend and so is your team and I'm going to make sure everyone I ever meet knows it!!" Susan E Clarke - Writer & Executive Producer

The Three Musketeers, Westminster Upper School
"Thanks so much for your professionalism, attention to detail and hard work; its been great fun working with you." Charlie Hill - Head of Drama and Director

The Choice, London Film School
"It was really important that the fight sequence looked real and threatening. To create this we contacted Independent Drama. They have great experience in stage combat and did a phenomenal job choreographing and executing the fight sequence." Andreas Reksten - Director

As You Like It, Tour/GB Theatre Company
"Everyone was really impressed with you and the way you work. So, I'll be calling you again when we need another fight to be arranged!" Gillian Roca - Producer

Macbeth, International Tour / Icarus Theatre Collective
"The fights look incredible and there's a huge buzz at the venue in Edinburgh about how much we go for it and how incredible the fights are, especially the final one. Thanks again for a stellar job." Max Lewendel - Director

From Teaching

ID Intensive - Beginners stage combat course
"Looking into the characters intentions within a fight was very fulfilling and a great extra to just knowing the technique of how to fight. Felt like I was always challenged and challenged in the right way. Had a great time! Thank you." Scott Michael Wagstaff

ID Intensive - Rapier & Dagger & Unarmed
"Excellent, informative, constructive, patient, adaptable, encouraging, good humoured, and approachable. Receiving focused and logical instruction on weaponry I would otherwise have no had access to. It allowed me to unlearn all the bad habits I had picked up having lightsaber fights in my garden. Excellent value for money and tremendous, challenging, worthwhile fun." Calum Carpenter - Coures Participant

Introduction to Stage Combat Workshop
"The workshops were fantastic and all students really enjoyed themselves and were really engaged. They've asked to do it again soon! Once again, thanks for your outstanding workshops, we are reall pleased." Leanne Phillips - Community Arts Co-ordinator

Introduction to Small Sword
"It was action packed, so much fun and well taught. Thank you. I enjoyed myself tremendously. I learnt a lot of new skills that will help me whenever I do anything drama related." Course participant

Introduction to Small Sword
"I liked the intense short course. Clear explanation and supportive hanbdouts. Non-stop excitement! Really liked performing the pirates scene. It was good to use real props instead of toy swords." Course Participants

ID Intensive - Beginners stage combat course
"Excellent tutors which I can recommend very highly. Always helpful and challenging with constructive criticisms which aided my learning and praising when things went right. I really enjoyed your teaching style. Really good, do not change. Thank you for teaching an old dog new tricks ;)" Fabio Vollono

ID Intensive - Quarterstaff
"Very much enjoyed how personable the teacher, interns, and other participants were. Workshops like this are 100 times more effective when the people in them are fun to be with. Also enjoyed how the participants were involved in the choreographing process, it brought insight into developing choreography and made us feel more integral to the whole experience." Taylor Hohman - Course Participant

ID Intensive - Knife
"The teacher was very attentive to everyone, very patient, his feedback was always constructive and helpful. His demonstrations were clear and adapted to everyone." Lola Chuniaud

ID Movie Mash-up - Fighting on Film workshop
"Thanks for the wonderful and exquisite workshop really great experience learning from you as the professional." Stephen Nathan - Student

ID Intensive - Smallsword
"I expected a high level of professionalism, experience and knowledge from the teacher, and for this to be passed on in a clear, safe and most of all, enjoyable way. Not only did it meet my expectations, but exceed them. I thought they were brilliant, they were always willing to help you as an individual, not just a pupil in a class." Course Participant

West End Stage
"Just want to thank the amazing teachers who took us under their wings last week." Ellen Garbutt - Student

ID Intensive - Rapier & Dagger & Unarmed
"I got what I expected, as is written in the course breakdown, but I feel I came away with more insight and understanding than I had anticipated, much to my delight! Some teachers can do the talk, some the walk." Richard Leggett - Course Participant

ID Intensive - Beginners stage combat course
"I expected to gain a very basic level in rapier and dagger and unarmed stage combat. The workshop exceeded my expectations in that I feel I gained more knowledge in relation to fighting within the context of a scene, which directly fed into the acting itself." Sandro Sotirchos

ID Intensive - Smallsword
"It didn't feel like a class, it felt more like having a laugh with some friends, but still we managed to learn, be safe and push ourselves. I don't think there is much to improve on. I had a great time, learned loads and came away with two distinctions! Bring on the next course!" Course Participant

ID Warriors Unleashed - Musketeers
"I had done workshops with ID before so I knew what to expect really. They're very serious about the subject matter but their easy going attitude makes them enjoyable to learn from...I had done two years of screen combat at drama school but I still felt like I had learnt a lot in that one day." Student Feedback

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