TRAIN WITH leading industry professionals

As well as offering high class training, we have a team of fight and action coordinators working in the industry across film, tv, theatre and motion capture.

Our wealth of experience means that our instructors can share valuable tips and tricks of how to prepare yourself for the realities of working in the industry.

(If you need our expertise for your production check out our Production Services).

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The Contract (Short Film)Woods ProductionsStephen D’Arcy2022
Human 2.0 (Feature Film)Busy Doctors FilmsNidhi Gupta2021
Little English (Feature Film)Reduced Indian Film Company / Resource Productions Pravesh Kumar 2021
Hounded (Feature Film)Hounded Film LtdTommy Boulding2021
Trapping (Feature Film)Nicki SlimTing Films /Trapping the Film LtdPenny Woolcock2021
One Shot (Feature Film)One Shot FilmsJames Nunn2021
Festival of Slaps (Short Film)BBC/ June & Stella ProductionsAdboe Cisse2021
Killing for a Living (Short Film)Dare Dynamic ProductionsSherice Griffiths2021
I Killed Molly (Web Series)Hypericum FilmsRichard Anthony Dunford2021
Musketeer (Short Film)Toy Soldier Ltd Philip Shaw 2021
Message in a Hammer (Music Video)Sumsuch / September RecordsRollo Jackson 2021
Surf - Little Accidents New LandTore Frandsen2021
Empower (Commercial)Nike / LCS StudioJolade Olusanya2021
Sideliners (Series)Awethentic Tales Tai Campbell2021
A Zombie Film (Feature Film)Boden StudiosAdam Boden2021
People of The Cave (Feature Film)Talent WM Media ProductionAmr Arafa2020
Ghetts ft. Stormzy - Skengman (Music Video)Untold StudiosNatham James Tettey2020
Rise of the Footsoldier Origins: The Tony Tucker Story (Feature Film)Carnaby InternationalNick Nerven2020
Never Back Down: Revolt (Feature Film)NBD LtdKellie Madison2020
Blitz Spirit with Lucy Worsley (TV)BBC/Brook LappingEmma Frank2020
Ire (Feature Film)Ascendant Films / Burton Fox Film / BromanticsRoss McCall2020
Fair Alien Jr (Feature Film)Infosams CorporationSuresh Sampath2020
Blackmail (Feature Film)Emelonye TVObi Emelonye2020
Franc Moody – Skin to Skin (Music Video)Blink ProductionsJak Payne2020
KSI - Domain (Music Video)Zebrafish MediaKonstantin x Guy2020
Declan McKenna: The Key to Life on Earth (Music Video)Blink Productions / Sony Music EntertainmentWill Hooper2020
Taylor (Short Film)Fireworks Productiosn Ltd.Isaac Tomiczek2019
Game of Thrones - 'For the Throne' series of commercialsDomino's / Green Bullet FilmsTom Stoddart2019
Consequences (Short Film)Haringey Council, Casual FilmsAlex Berry2019
The Window (TV)Fuji Television Network/ZDF EnterprisesAdrian Shergold2019
The Moment Trap (Feature Film)Moment Trap LtdSteven A. Johnson2019
A Song from the Dark (Feature Film)Adverto StudiosOgodinife Okpue2019
Henry VIII: The King Who Made Britain Great (TV)Channel 5 / Blakeway TV,Luke Korzun Martin2019
The Power (Feature Film)Afraid of the Dark FilmsCorinna Faith2019
Slammer (Feature Film)Mortimer productionsTed Baybutt2019
De Gaulle (AKA Libres)Poisson Rouge PicturesGabriel Le Bomin2019
The Joy of Leaf Jumping with Boden (Commercial)Boden / St Marks StudiosWill Douglas2019
Faith (Feature Film)Faith Film LimitedAshley Chin2019
VFX Suite FilmingRed GiantMarta Svetek2019
Lily (Feature Film)Squid FlickPhilip Staal2019
Holy Moly and the Crackers ‘Carnage' (Music Video)StinkEoin Glaister2019
Black Diamond (Short Film)Diamond Motion ProductionsSheher Rana2019
Liberty Riots (Short Film)Deptford Heritage FestivalRaymond Woolford2019
Omeleto (Short Film)Flat Cap FilmsOliver Riley-Smith2019
Best (Short Film)-Angus Harrison2019
Aurora (Short Film)London Film SchoolNadjana Pantò2019
Rise of the Foot Soldier 4: Marbella (Feature Film)Carnaby InternationalAndy Loveday2019
Legacy of Lies (Feature Film)Legacy Films LimitedAdrian Bol2019
Hope (Short Film) -Daya Dodds2019
The Owners (Feature Film) BluelightJulius Berg2019
Irish Stand Down (Short Film)Scanner-Rhodes ProductionsDeclan O’Dwyer2019
Dylan (Short Film)SweetDoh! LtdBen Reid2019
Awakened Dreams (Feature Film)XD ProductionsChris Bouchard2019
Ataxia Awareness Commercial (TV)University of WestminsterPatrick Forster2018
Better Man by Birdeatsbaby (Music Video)-Richard Anthony Dunford2018
Dermot & Dave Have Finally Come to Blows (Short Film)Today FM (Ireland)-2018
Erica (Feature Film)Flavour Works / PlaystationJamie Stone2018
Ghost (Feature Film)Z StudioAnthomy Z James2018
Grandest Wedding of Royals (Feature Film)Octopus Media International LtdBen Tong2018
Loki's Game (Feature Film)Tornado StudiosCharles Donnelly2018
Royal Stag - Make it Large (TV)Seagram's / Clayton FilmsLloyd Baptista2018
Roundheads and Cavaliers (Short Film)One Glove FilmsChloe Thomas2018
The Tower (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolPatrick Foster2018
The Twin Theory (Short Film)First Flight FilmsCharlie Coppersmith2018
Londonstani (Short Film)Slingshot Finite ProductionsNirpal Bhogal2018
The Suffragettes with Lucy Worsley (TV)BBC/Brook LappingEmma Frank2018
Jordon Max - War (Music Video)Stink FilmsSalomon Ligthelm2018
One Plus #NeverSettleFilm Above & BeyondCarly Cussen2018
Lilly Allen Lost My Mind (Music Video)Elixir PicturesMyles Whittingham2018
Margs feat. Kaos - Walk Thru (single from Untold Truth album)Chilli Cheeze FilmsMax Shaw2018
Pinky (Feature Film)ESA Pictures LtdZaheer Ahmad2018
Animal (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolAlex Cole2017
Bella in the Wych Elm (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolGrace Blick2017
Cloud 9 (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolLucy Hodder2017
Cold Turkey (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolHarry Holroyd2017
Duchess (Short Film) Breaking Point FlixKeir Siewert2017
Kiss the Devil (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolDylan Cargill2017
Muchos (TV)McCoy's / HunkyDoryLuc Schurgers2017
Ocean Wisdom - Eye Contact (Music Video)High Focus Records LimitedOcean Wisdom / Above Ground2017
Once Upon a Time in London (Feature Film)Gateway FilmsSimon Rumley2017
Prank Me (TV)Wild Seed StudiosHazel Hayes2017
Smile - (Commercial)Nike / Rogue FilmsMark Zibert2017
The Intent 2: The Come Up (Feature Film)Nicky Slimting ProductionsFemi Oyeniran2017
The Other Side with Valerie Hope (Short Film)Farrena FilmsLucy Barrick / Kieran Grant2017
The Rainbow Trials (Short Film)MN AcademyAlex Lawton2017
The Rainbow Trials II (Short Film)MN AcademyHenry Moore2017
The Witcher (Short Film)-Romeo Domenichini2017
When Swallows Fly Low (Short Film)Giant Squid ProductionsDaya Dodds2017
Joylan - Hold Me Like You Love Me (Music Video)Bright Spark MediaPatrick Killingbeck2017
Madness in the Method (Feature Film)Autumnwood MediaJason Mewes 2017
The Rebels (Feature Film)Tornado FilmsEmmet Cummins2017
Lee & Dean (TV)Channel 4 Bingo ProductionsMark O'Sullivan2017
Ultimate ShowreelsUltimate ShowreelsKyle & Liam Bashford2017
Fist Fight PromoUNILADUNILAD2017
Khido Khundi (Feature Film)Cinemadic Motion Pictures UK Ltd Hayre Entertainment PVT. LTD Kuausmedia EntertainmentRohit Jugraj2017
The Red Haven (Feature Film)Tornado FilmsMike Dunkin2017
Strangers 2: Prey at Night (Feature Film)White CometJohannes Roberts2017
Brothers in Arms (TV)Scene Productions LtdMonica Chin Roy Hui2017
The Marine: Close Quarters (Feature Film)WWE Studios & Manic Fiction FilmsJames Nunn2017
Saint Clair “I’ll Stay”(Music Video)Black Dog FilmsJamie Delaney2017
A$AP Rocky - Moneyman (Music Video)PartizanDexter Navy & A$AP Rocky2016
Accident Man (Feature Film)Tea Shop & Film CompanyJesse V Johnson2016
Angst (Short Film)Goldsmiths UniversityRory Gibson2016
Baby Mine (Short Film)Flat Cap FilmsNour Wazzi2016
Breath Easy (Feature Film)JHFilm / Screenlooker ProductionsJonathan Howard2016
Cadence (Short Film)Siskamedia ProductionsJason Rivers2016
Curse of Lono - 5 Miles High (Music Video)BrickwallAlex Walker2016
Day One (Short Film)Anthony Z StudioAnthony James2016
Dusk (Short Film)Up and Up ProductionsJake Graf2016
Excalibur Rising (Feature Film)Tornado FilmsAnthony Smith2016
False Men (Short Film)Bisroca Productions / Ravensborne Film SchoolChristopher Chuky2016
Hippocampus (Feature Film)Based on Nothing ProductionsEdward Palmer2016
Host (Feature Film)Welcome Home Films LtdRory Kindersley2016
Hunted (Short Film)Toothpix LtdOwen Tooth2016
Husky (Short Film)University of Westminster-2016
iBoy (Feature Film)Wigwam Films / Pretty PicturesAdam Randall2016
Ladyhawke - The Wild Things (Music Video)PartizanYouth Hymns2016
Libby and Ingrid (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolAlex Beighton2016
Listerine Bold Life (Corporate)McCoyMeyerJustus Meyer2016
Love and Other Stuff (Short Film)-Joe Ferrera2016
Manmade (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolMia Carvalho2016
Mockingbird (Short Film)Ravensbourne CollegeChristopher Chuky2016
No Worries by Disciples (Music Video)Colonel Blimp / Warner MusicBilly Lumby2016
Nocturne (Short Film) Nathan SilverNathan Silver2016
Obey (Feature Film)Tea Shop & Film Company / The Big HouseJamie Jones2016
Passage of My Youth (Feature Film)Scene ProductionsJanet Chun2016
Perfect Skin (Feature Film)Global ChickenKevin Chicken2016
Releevo (Short Film)Westminster Film SchoolYasmin Afifi2016
Riot Act (Short Film)Flat Cap FilmsOliver Riley-Smith2016
Rise of the Footsoldier 3 (Feature Film)Carnaby FilmsZackary Adler2016
Savage by Ghetts (Music Video)Its a lot ltdFemi Oyeniran2016
Singularity (Short Film)University of Westminster Film SchoolChris Upson2016
Sudden Attack 2 (Corporate)Territory Studio LimitedJames Nunn2016
The Come Up by Ms Banks (Music Video)Nicky slimting films & Boss FilmsEric Myers2016
The Composer (Short Film) The Sweet ShopYouness Benali2016
The Girl From the Song (Feature Film)Escac FilmsIbai Abad2016
The Hatton Garden Job (Feature Film)Tea Shop & Film CompanyRonnie Thompson2016
The Lost Viking (Feature Film)Tornado FilmsEmmet Cummins2016
Time Commanders (TV)BBC Four-2016
Us Amongst The Stones (Feature Film)Likely Story LimitedDicynna Hood2016
We Love Moses (Short Film)Teng Teng FilmsDionne Edwards2016
Astral (Feature Film)Craven StreetChris Mul2015
Baseline Trailer (Short Film)Cinergy FilmPatrick Chamberlain2015
Beast (Short Film)University OF WestminsterPeter Schmid2015
Beautiful Devils (Feature Film)Ascension ProductionsJames Marquand2015
Chivalrous Times (Short Film)University OF WestminsterSophie Price2015
Dawn (Short Film)Up+Up Productions Planet M Productions Kat Life FilmsJake Graf2015
Dawn of the Deaf (Short Film)Shadow HouseRob Savage2015
Eliminators (Feature Film)Richwater & WWE StudiosJames Nunn2015
Fade Into You Ft. Tom Bailey (Music Video)Spinning Records / Artist - BjonrJavier Alejandro2015
Fight Rep Pilot (Web Media)Fight RepGuido Cavaciuti2015
Frank Phoenix (Feature Film)Animus Picturers LimitedVirendra Kumar Sahu2015
Gunned Down (Feature Film)Impact EntertainmentMark McQueen2015
Hippopotamus (Feature Film)Based on Nothing ProductionsEdward Palmer2015
Hollow Pursuits (Short Film)Independent Drama-2015
I Of The Needle (Short Film)Fight RepRobert Myles2015
ImminentThird Floor ProductionsKasun Aravinda2015
Jacob's Story (Short Film)Try LifeShaun James Grant2015
Jump In - (Commercial)B&Q / StinkChristian Bevilacqua2015
Kill Kane (Feature Film)North Bank EntertainmentAdam Stephen Kelly2015
Level (Feature Film)Fulwell73Adam Randall2015
Life (Short Film)-Michael Tuohy2015
Night Driving (Short Film)Signal Hack FilmsAdi Kahn2015
Opens Winds (Short Film)London Film SchoolHeikki Simppula2015
REN (Web Media series)Mythica EntertainmentKate Madison2015
Shepherds (Short Film)Grandfather FilmsDouglas Morse2015
Soldier Bee (Short Film)Sky Blue FilmsAlex Hardy2015
The Coin - commercial (TV)Heineken PartizanReynald Gresset2015
The Intent (Feature Film)Nicky Slimting ProductionsKalvador Peterson2015
The Relocators (Short Film)Fight RepRobert Myles2015
Three Leaf Clover (Short Film)University OF WestminsterSophie Moore2015
Truck (Short Film)Endor Productions & 5th Column FIlmsRob Curry2015
Unborn Justice (Short Film)Magnificent FilmsSean Cronin2015
A Perfect Soldier (Short Film)Little Jade ProductionsChamoun Issa2014
Allies (Feature Film)Summerwood MediaDominic Burns / Jake West (B-Unit)2014
Ancient Black Ops: Ninja & 47 Ronin episodes (TV)World Media Rights / Yesterday ChannelJonathon Elliot2014
Annex (Short Film)Tomy Nagle Production LtdTommy Nagle2014
Broken Eden (Short Film)BisrocaChristopher Chuky2014
Brothers Promise (Short Film)Fight Me ProductionsCengis Dervis2014
Commercial - Anti Disability Hate Crime (Short Film)Royal Holloway - University of LondonJames Hedley2014
ConsolationJolly Good ShowNatasha Wood2014
Dead Cool (Short Film)Glass Gun FilmsSimon Ross2014
Deep Cuts (Web Media)Frontline Picture HouseDarren Bransford2014
First Contact (Web Media)Independent Drama-2014
Hyve (Short Film)CreateShirley Day2014
Ignorance is Bliss (Short Film)-James Hedley2014
Invisible Enemies (Short Film)-Alasdair Mitchell2014
Jago (Short Film)Location Set Creative ConnectionsPiotr Karter2014
Jog On (Short Film)Independent DramaRonin Tryanor2014
Kicking Off (Feature Film)Red Card MediaMatt Wilde2014
Kill Day (Web Media)PixieMoo ProductionsDixie Cannon2014
Light of the World (Short Film)God Story ProductionsShane Gentles2014
Newark & Sherwood Civil War (TV)Spool Films / National Civil War CentreCarolina Giammetta2014
Noro (Short Film)Disruptive Element FilmsDuncan Roe2014
Power Play (Short Film)University OF WestminsterJoseph-Patrick Hung2014
Rate Me (Short Film)Too True FilmsFyzal Boulifa2014
Ren (Web Media)Mythica EntertainmentKate Madison2014
Rise of the Krays (Feature Film)Nice One FilmZackary Adler2014
Rock Band Vs Vampires (Feature Film)Clockwork Heart Productions Ltd and Abbas Films and Games LtdMalcolm Galloway and Raed Abbas2014
Roxanne (Short Film)Kind ProductionsPaul Frankl.2014
Sanctuary (Feature Film) Digital Illusion ProductionsTerry Marriott2014
Snare (Short Film)Unit 9 FilmsDani Deville2014
Star Trek - Ambush (Short Film)Lock Off PicturersGreg Lock2014
The Fall of the Krays (Feature Film)Torn Pictures Productions Ltd / Nice One Film / Saracen FilmesZachary Adler2014
The Four Warriors (Feature Film)Philm FlicksPhil Hawkins (FD Marcello Marascalchi)2014
The Hidden Truth (Short Film)B Squared ProductionsBen Bloore2014
The Quickening (Short Film)UCL Film SocietyBartek Podkowa2014
The Rise of the Krays (Feature Film)Torn Pictures Productions Ltd / Nice One FilmZachary Adler2014
Uninvited (Short Film) Goldsmiths University of LondonAnna Urik2014
Writers Retreat (Feature Film)Molifilms Entertainment / WR LtdDiego Rocha2014
Addi & Chess (Short Film)Scruffbag ProductionsVictoria Bavister2013
Ali Love - Another (Music Video)Craig MurrayCraig Murray2013
Brace (Short Film)Up and Up ProductionsSophy Holland & Alicya Eyo2013
Fallen Angel Miniatures - Episode 3 (Web Media)I Dare Productions / Tea FilmsAdam Hipkin and Dan Hipkin2013
Fight Before Christmas (Short Film)-Dave Westbrook2013
Generation of Vipers (Short Film)PartizanTom Beard2013
Knight Strike (Short Film)Kira FitzpatrickAndrew Montague2013
Mightier Than The Sword (Short Film)Mightier Than The Sword LimitedIlyas Kaduji2013
Night Sweat (Short Film)Dare DynamicsYod Yutamanop & Sherice Griffiths2013
Olive Green (Feature Film)Ekstasy LtdSuki Singh2013
POV (Feature Film)kerzamRichard Anthony Dunford2013
Sanctuary (Feature Film) Digital Illusion ProductionsTerry Marriott2013
Super Brainy Zombies II: Return of the Law (Short Film)Chewing SandHazel Hayes2013
Swipe - behind the scenes Total War featurette (TV)Sky News / presented by Niall Paterson-2013
The First Musketeer (series) (Web Media)-Harriet Sams2013
The Moth (Man Of The House) (Short Film)LutimediaO-T Fagbenle2013
Toast of London (TV)Objective ProductionsDir. Michael Cumming. Stunt coordinator Glenn Marks2013
Beat the Best (TV)Talpa-2012
Candle to Water (Feature Film) Red Fram Film Productions / Blind Pictures Ltd. / FFSINihat Seven2012
Cheese Warrior Maiden Training (Web Media)Michelle Young FilmsAndy Lewis2012
COS - Chronicles of Syntax (Web Media Series)I Dare Productions / Channel Flip. Ayers Adam Hipkin Dan Hipkin Chris Munns James Webber2012
Drake (Short Film)Fight Me Productions Rosebud ProductionsAzi Rahman2012
Escape to Gossau (Short Film)Red Clover ProductionsMichael Koltes2012
Fumes (Short Film)Annex FilmsTom Werber2012
Green Street Hooligans: Underground (Feature Film) Green Elite LtdJames Nunn2012
Harrigan (Fetare Film)Tall Tree PicturesVincent Woods2012
House of Knives (Short Film)Poet in the CityGraham Henderson2012
Lion in the Snow (Short Film)University of West LondonAmal Taher2012
Making Sparks - (Web Media Series)-Jack Delaney2012
Powder Room (Feature Film) 3 Mills Studios / DJ FilmsMJ Delaney2012
Richard III (Short Film)McGibney ProductionsJordan McGibney2012
Santa's Blotto (Short Film)New Division FilmsPatrick Myles2012
Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition (Corporate)The GlobePhilip Stafford2012
Spring in June (Short Film)London Film Academy / Through the Looking Glass ProductionsDavid Wike2012
Still Life (Short Film)Images of ElsewhereKieran Fay2012
Syrup (Short Film)Managing MayhemJohn Higgins2012
The 4th Dagger (Short Film)Red Clover ProductionsMichael Koltes2012
The Joint Venture (Short Film)-Adina Istrate2012
The Last Train (Short Film)-Terry Marriott2012
This is Toby (Short Film)Cryogenic Gods / BFI (British Film Institute)Charlie Borchard2012
Warrior Maidens (Short Film)Actors' Temple CompanyTom Radcliffe2012
Blue Peter (TV)BBCPatrick Talbot2011
Charlene (Feature Film)Rough Edges ProductionsSharon Odams2011
Chronicles Of Syntax Trailer (Short Film)I Dare ProductionsTania Martins2011
COS Fight Call - Behind the Scenes Fight Featurette (Web Media)I Dare ProductionsRonin Traynor2011
Disillusioned Dreams (Short Film)Cosila FilmsNatasha Luchmun2011
Fossil (Feature Film) Brickwall FilmsAlex Walker2011
Gangs of Tooting Broadway (Feature Film) Indian Summer FilmsDevanand Shanmugam2011
History (Short Film)ALRA (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts)John Dower2011
Merry Christmas (Short Film)One-in-Ten ProductionsJennifer Chislett2011
Nunjas (Short Film)London Film AcademyStephane Tin2011
Pilates Partners (Short Film)ALRA (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts)John Dower2011
RX Terra (Short Film)BFI (British Film Institute)James Gaffney (Yusei)2011
Scrap (Short Film)Independent DramaDawson James & Ronin Traynor2011
The Deserters (Short Film)-Robert Myles2011
The Fields (Short Film)Wolfheart ProductionsJack Burnford2011
The Link (TV)Lion Television / National Geographic-2011
Tomb (Short Film)Central Film SchoolBart Janse2011
Anger Management (TV)Flashback Television LtdWilliam Johns2010
Appetite (Short Film)National Film & Television SchoolRobert McKillop2010
Ask Jeeves - Bow Tie (Web Media) Velvet Film ProductionSebastian Joseph2010
Hold The Lift (Short Film)Jog on MediaSam Boother2010
It's Over (Short Film)ImpactSam Kahn2010
Macbeth No More (Short Film)Shorthouse ProductionsSuri Krishnamma2010
South Side (Short Film)Urban Media ProductionsShantelle Rochester2010
The Choice (Short Film)London Film SchoolAndreas Reksten2010
The Journey (Short Film) Independent DramaRonin Traynor2010
The Syndicate (Web Media)Systir ProductionsVictoria Howell / Hollyweb and LA Webfest awards 20122010
Tycan Tournament - I Mudd (Web Media)Independent Drama / I Dare ProductionsRonin Traynor2010
Basement (Feature Film)Paperknife ProductionsAsham Kamboj2009
Chronicles of Syntax (Web Media Series)I Dare Productions / Channel Flip.Jack Ayers Adam Hipkin Dan Hipkin Chris Munns James Webber2009
Damian - Fall From Innocence (TV)Adverto FilmsOgodinife Okpue2009
Hope (Short Film) -Tim Hyde2009
Next Global Crisis- Episode 2 (Short Film)NGCAndrew Fraser2009
Penthesilea (Short Film)Juliane von SiversErin Wheeler2009
Primary Faction (Web Media)I Dare ProductionsSusan E Clarke2009
The Harsh Light of Day (Feature Film)Multi-Story FilmsOliver Milburn2009
Ace Face (Music Video)Anti-factoryCharlotte Bergann2008
Eye of the Observer (Short Film)Isi Okonta.Isi Okonta2008
School Run (Short Film)Freestyle Productions/Greenacre FilmsPhilip West2008
The Hunt For Gollum (Short Film)Rickety Shack ProductionsChris Bouchard2008
Corruption (Music Video)Scandic Film Production. CrankedJonas Molina2007
Four 1 (Short Film)Muddy IconGeorge Kirkham2007
Hitting People With Sticks (Short Film)NaDobra FilmsMarysia Kay2007
Charge (Music Video)Anger Management ProductionsBrett Walker2006
Innocent Victim (Short Film)Ozone Films TrustBrendon O'Loughlin2006
Relentless (Short Film)Ravensbourne CollegeLaurence Mills2006
Carmen (Opera)Baseless Fabric Joanna Turner2021
Light Shining In BuckinghamshireYoung Actors Theatre IslingtonAndrew Harries2021
The Illusion of Time Drama Studio London / Playground TheatreEmma Lucia2021
The Sweet Science of BruisingThe Scaffold Theatre / BodensAdam Boden2021
The RobbersDrama Studio London / Playground TheatreRupert Hands2021
TrystChiswick PlayhousePhoebe Barran2020
RevengeCrime and Comedy Theatre Company, TouringLouise Jameson2020
Assassins (Musical)Mountview-2020
The Medieval BanquetThe Medieval BanquetLisa Gosbee2020
Beauty and the BeastFarnborough Hill SchoolHelen de Mattos2020
RADA Prize FightsRADA, Jerwood Vanbrugh TheatreLucy Skilbeck2019
Peter PanWestminster Under SchoolCharlie Hill2019
King Lear LOST Theatre, Stockwell PlayhouseOllie Maddigan2019
Twelfth NightIris Theatre / Gods and Monsters Theatre, The Scoop,Rae McKen2019
The Sea QueenIris Theatre / Gods and Monsters Theatre, The ScoopRae McKen2019
My Favourite YearMountview, Pleasance Theatre,Suzy Catliff2019
The Boy Who Fell into a Book Thomas's Prep SchoolSusan Stillman2019
MacbethTheatrum Domus / Lviv, UkraineNataliya Menshykova2019
The RoverBADA / Theatro TechnisBethany Pitts2019
Wuthering Heights Oxford Shakespeare CompanyMichael Oakley2019
AntigoneScaffold Theatre / Bodens StudiosAdam Boden2019
The CrucibleBarn TheatreMax Lewendel2019
GhostScaffold Theatre / Bodens StudiosAdam Boden2019
The TrenchScaffold Theatre / Bodens StudiosAdam Boden2019
Julius Caesar Scaffold Theatre / Bodens StudiosAdam Boden2019
Macbeth Westminster Under SchoolCharlie Hill2019
Romeo & JulietRADA Shakespeare Summer SchoolBret Yount2019
Ben HurAbbey Theatre, St AlbansRosemary Goodman2019
Macbeth Three Inch FoolsStephen Hyde2019
Trojan WomenScaffold Theatre / Bodens StudiosAdam Boden2019
LibertyZion Baptist Church / Red Blouse TheatreRaymond Woolford2019
Coffee The RAaW FoundationRobbi Stevens2019
Chaos TheoryThe RAaW FoundationRobbi Stevens2019
BoudicaThe Scaffold Theatre / BodensAdam Boden2018
ChutneyThe Bunker Theatre / Flux TheatreGeorgie Staight2018
HamletUK Tour / Three Inch FoolsJames Hyde2018
Hand to GodThe English Theatre FrankfurtDerek Anderson2018
Le CidCoade Hall Theatre / Dorset OperaChristopher Cowell2018
Love's Labour's LostOxford Shakespeare CompanyNick Green2018
MacbethInternational Tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2018
MacbethInternational Tour / 4K internationalJulian Chenery2018
MacbethDevon OperaAnna Gregory2018
Private LivesWadham College / Oxford Shakespeare CompanyMichael Oakley2018
Punk RockScaffold Theater / Boden StudiosAdam Boden2018
The HobbitThomas's BatterseaSusan Stillman2018
Titus AndronicusThe Scaffold Theatre / BodensAdam Boden2018
Romeo & JulietStockwell PlayhouseJosh Hinds2018
Arnika Jolly Good ShowNatasha Wood2018
Parade MountviewJosh Seymour2018
Peter PanThe North Wall / Creation TheatreGari Jones2018
Much Ado About NothingMountview-2018
The Medieval BanquetThe Medieval BanquetLisa Gosbee2018
You Can't Take it With Me SedosNick Mouton2018
Our Coutry's Good MountviewSteven Grihault2018
To Kill A Mockingbird MountviewAnthony Lau2018
Live Like Pigs Mountview-2018
Earthquakes in London SedosChris Davis2018
Sexy LaundryTabard TheatrePhoebe Barran2018
Raisin in the SunMountview-2018
Romeo & JulietRADA Shakespeare Summer SchoolBret Yount2018
A Midsummer Night's DreamRoman Theatre of Verulamium / OVOAdam Nichols and Janet Podd2017
Hail MaryUnion Theatre / Am I WriteLinda Edwards-Shea2017
HamletInternational Tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2017
Hamlet or what we can rememberBADA (British American Drama Academy)Paul O'Mahony2017
Little FootSouthwark PlayhouseIbrahim Shote & Lucy Dear2017
Lucia di LammermoorSt Johns Church / Fullham OperaJim Manganello2017
Midsummer Night's DreamCreation TheatreZoe Seaton2017
Much Ado About NothingOxford Shakespeare CompanyNicholas Green2017
Robin HoodBeck Theatre / British Airways Bacin Crew Entertainment SocietyTerry Hunt2017
Spring AwakeningThe Scaffold Theatre / BodensAdam Boden2017
Treasured IslandsAsaroTom Daplyn2017
TrystTabbard Theatre / Sightline EntertainmentPhoebe Barran2017
Wind in the WillowsThe Mill / Creation TheatreTristan Pate2017
WoyzeckThe Scaffold Theatre / BodensAdam Boden2017
The Medieval BanquetThe Medieval BanquetLisa Gosbee2017
I Am BeastSparkle and DarkShelley Knowles-Dixon2017
As You Like ItMountviewBronagh Lagan2017
From Morning To Midnight MountviewRebecca Frecknall2017
The Good Person Of Szechwan MountviewKatie Henry?2017
The Death of Christopher MarloweDulwich CollegePeter Jolly 2017
Faith MountviewJulie Atherton2017
Penelopiad MountviewChristian Durham2017
Rakvere Castle SeigeNSFS / Rakvere CastleKristoffer Jorgensen2017
The RivalsSedosSylvia Finnimore2017
HyemNorthSEE Theatre Theatre503Jonny Kelly2017
Stephen King's 'IT' immersive screeningPremier/Warner BrothersLeigh Debbage2017
Frankenstien SedosMatt Gould2017
Contain HerBoden StudiosAdam Boden2016
Girls Like ThatBoden StudiosAdam Boden2016
GodspellThomas's BatterseaSusan Stillman2016
Great ExpectationsMerton Arts Space / Attic TheatreLouise Hill2016
HamletOxford University Parks / Creation TheatreGari Jones2016
Hamlet (First Quarto)The Cockpit / IlissosCharles Ward2016
Julius CaesarThe Hammond Theatre-2016
King LearBlackwell's Bookshop Oxford / Creation TheatreCharlotte Conquest2016
Les MisarablesThe Scaffold Theatre /Boden StudiosAdam Boden2016
Love's Labour's LostWadham College Gardens / Oxford Shakespeare CompanyNick Green2016
MacbethCoade Theatre / Dorset OperaDavid Phipps - Davis2016
MacbethThomas's BatterseaSusan Stillman2016
Mad ForestBADA (British American Drama Academy)Michael Thomas2016
One Man Two Guv'norsSedos Bridewell TheatreAlex Baker2016
PillowmanBoden StudiosAdam Boden2016
Rainbow's EndingBoden StudiosAdam Boden2016
Simon BoccanegraSt John's Church / Fulham OperaFiona Williams2016
Stalking the BogeymanSouthwark PlayhouseMarkus Potter2016
Summer of ShakespeareBicester Village / Creation Theatre-2016
The Man Who Would be KingDawn StateDan Coleman2016
The Rinse CycleCharring Cross Theatre / Unexpected OperaLynn Binstock2016
As You Like ItBarons Court Theatre / The Yellow Chair Performance Experience (T.Y.P.E)Hugh Allison2015
Bastille Day fighting knightsTheatre Voliere / Jolly Good ShowNatasha Wood2015
CompanyShoreditch Town Hall / City AcademyPippa Duffy2015
ConsolationTheatre Voliere / Jolly Good Show / Bridewell TheatreNatasha Wood2015
FlightOpera Holland ParkStephen Barlow2015
FugeeSouthwark Playhouse / Southwark Playhouse Young CompanyDavid Workman2015
Hail MaryLyric Hammersmith Studio / Page to StageHugh Allison2015
Henry VThomas's Prep SchoolSusan Stillman2015
Henry VRose BrufordMartin Constantine2015
Henry VDulwich CollegeMaggie Jarman2015
I Am BeastSparkle and DarkShelley Knowles-Dixon2015
Il TabarroSt John's Church / Fulham OperaFiona Williams2015
Noises OffOxford Playhouse / University of Oxford Student Company - Milk and Two SugarsHelena Jackson2015
Pig GirlFinborough TheatreHelen Donnelly2015
Richard IIICurve TheatreNikolai Foster2015
Romeo & JulietMountviewStephen Grihault2015
Romeo & Juliet: TweakedTony Boden Theatre / Boden StudiosAdam Boden2015
SanctuaryRose Playhouse / Rose UnfoldsLexi Wolfe2015
TeechersUK Tour / Blackeyed Theatre & South Hill ParkAdrian McDougall2015
The Ballad of Robin HoodSouthwark Playhouse / Tacit TheatreAnnabelle Brown2015
The Costume GamesBrighton / Moshimo-2015
The Forty ElephantsHiPYE ProductionsNadine Woodley & Dani Moseley2015
The Win BinOld Red LionSara Joyce2015
The Wind In The WillowsWestminster Under SchoolCharlie Hill2015
Twelfth NightWadham College Gardens / Oxford Shakespeare CompanyNick Green2015
Twelfth NightFort Lovrijenac Croatia / Honey TonguedHelen Tennison2015
VioletMountview / Bernie Grant Arts CentreCharlotte Westenra2015
West Side StoryOxford Playhouse / RicNicIsabel Ogilvie-Smith2015
A Comedy of ErrorsOpen Air Tour / GB Theatre CompanyEd Viney2014
A Midsummer Night's DreamHoney-tongued Theatre Productions / Fort Lovrijenac DubrovnikGary Wright2014
A Study In ScarletSouthwark Playhouse / Tacit TheatreNicholas Thompson2014
AladdinTour TAGStuart Glover2014
An Interview with GaddafiReggie Adams / Future Social Theatre / Waterloo East Theatre-2014
As You Like ItGreen Girl Productions / Barons Court TheatreMackenzie Thorpe2014
CabaretCity AcademyPippa Duffy2014
Canterbury TalesSalisbury Playhouse / Tacit TheatreAnthony Sebastian2014
Clients birthday sword fightSarah Peachy-2014
FaustDumbwise TheatreJohn Ward2014
FaustusMarlow Theatre / Fourth MonkeyAilin Conant2014
FrankensteinBroadway Studio Theatre CatfordCameron Jack2014
Gounod's Romeo and JulietRose Theatre / Riverside OperaSophie Gilpin2014
Hedda GablerNational Tour - Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2014
HolesArcola TentPhillip Breen2014
Jekyll and HydeBarons Court / Green Girl ProductionsMackenzie Thorpe2014
Jekyll and HydeHampton SchoolVictoria Buse2014
MacbethOpen Air Tour / GB Theatre CompanyEd Viney2014
Macbeth in the ParkAbney Park / Pandemonium Performance Company and Capital City EntertainmentPaul Linghorn & Lisa Gifford2014
MartineFinborough Theatre /PrimaveraTom Littler2014
Natural AffectionJermyn Street Theatre / Primavera ProductionsGrace Wessels2014
No Take BacksTristan Bates Theatre / The Sigil ClubMichael Eckett2014
OthelloDrayton Arms Theatre / Clatter House TheatreEliot Langsdon2014
Romeo & JulietCustom PracticeRae Mcken2014
Tales of King ArthurHaddenham Youth TheatreDuncan Spence2014
The Hard ManFinborough Theatre /Mark Dominy2014
The NewsNationale Reisopera - Netherlands / Jacob TVXander Straat2014
The Ring CycleFullham OperaFiona Williams Genevieve Raghu2014
Usagi YojimboSouthwark PlayhouseAmy Draper2014
As You like itADC Theatre / Historyonics Theatre CompanyChris Hudson2013
City Academy Drama Academy ShowcasesDiorama Arts Centre / City AcedemyJake Lyons2013
Errol Flynn filmhouse launch eventErrol Flynn Filmhouse / Royal & DerngateGeorgia Munnion2013
Fourty Five MinutesSoho Theatre / National Theatre Connections & Bodens TheatreAdam Boden2013
Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the Gods)St John's / Fullham OperaFiona Williams2013
HamletCity of Ely Community College / Ely Armature Dramatic SocietyMichael Holland2013
Hedda GablerNational Tour - Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2013
Les MiserablesHighfield SchoolSuzannah Cryer2013
MacbethMarket Harborough Theatre / Quite Nice TheatreThom Sellwood2013
Not AgainADC Theatre / WritonFrancesca Brown2013
OthelloNational Tour - Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2013
Spring AwakeningInternational Tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2013
TeechersNational Tour / Blackeyed TheatreAdrian McDougall2013
The Duke In DarknessThe Tabard Theatre / SightLine EntertainmentPhoebe Barran2013
The Last KingdomThe Scaffold Theatre / Boden Performing ArtsAdam Boden2013
The Lion the witch and the wardrobeCreation TheatreDir. Charlotte Conquest Fight Dir. Philip d'Orleans2013
The Witches of EastwickRiverside Studios / City Academy Musical Theatre CompanyPippa O'Brien2013
Treasure IslandOasis Academy. Lords Hill.John Carrington2013
West Side StorySt Marylebone CE SchoolAlice2013
Bombay DreamsHer Majesties Theatre / West End StageSarah Earnshaw2012
CabaretCity of London SchoolMartin Biltcliffe2012
Canterbury TalesNational Tour / Tacit TheatreAnthony Sebastian2012
Crazy For YouEpsom Playhouse / Epsom PlayersSteven Green2012
Die Walkure (The Valkyrie): Wagner goes HollywoodSt John's Church / Fulham OperaFiona Williams2012
Do you wish to continueTheatre 503 / 503FiveJoanna Turner2012
DraculaCatford Broadway TheatreHarry Williams2012
EvitaHer Majesties Theatre / West End StageSarah Earnshaw2012
IdomeneoMorley OperaAnna Gregory2012
Il TrovatoreBryston / Dorset Opera CompanySally Burgess2012
Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor DreamcoatHer Majesties Theatre / West End StageSarah Earnshaw2012
Justice TowersThe Brook Theatre / Pretending People TheatreMatt Salisbury Becca Frith2012
Le Carrosse du Saint SacrementBryston / Dorset OperaPaul Carr2012
Little FootTony Boden Theatre / Boden Youth Theatre - National Theatre ConnectionsAdam Boden2012
MacbethCentral Library Amphitheatre / Quite Nice TheatreThom Sellwood2012
OtelloWyllyotts Theatre / Southgate OperaCecil Hayter2012
Outward BoundFinborough TheatreLouise Hill2012
Pandora 2154West Wing Arts Centre / Creative AcademyGeorge Kirkham2012
Romeo & JulietInternational Tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2012
Skin TightTour / Epsilon ProductionsJemma Gross2012
Starlight ExpressHer Majesties Theatre / West End StageSarah Earnshaw2012
Taming of the ShrewTour / GB ProductionsJack Shepherd2012
The ConsulMorley OperaAnna Gregory2012
The Fantastical Adventures of [Not] Being With YouBlue Elephant TheatreJusten Bennett2012
The TempestTour / GB ProductionsJenny Stephens2012
Titus GroanThe Actor's Church Covent Garden/BlackshawEllie Pitkin2012
West Side StoryPegasus Theatre Oxford / Ric NicAlexander Millen2012
1001 NightsBrady Arts CentreCanan Salih2011
A Clockwork OrangePoimandres ProductionsAnna Crozier2011
A View From the BridgeCatford Broadway TheatreCameron Jack2011
After the EndSutherland House Studio Theatre / Royal HollowayMaria Varnakkidou2011
AladdinNew Pantomime Productions / Grand Opera House YorkSimon Barry2011
Brunch With PulcinellaAccademia dell'Arte-Arezzo ItalyTaylor Hohman2011
Forgive MeBlue Mountain Theatre CompanyCameron Jack2011
HamletTivoli Theatre - IrelandMax Lewendel2011
Henry VLambeth Country Show / Tea House TheatreHarry Iggulden2011
King LearTrinity Theatre / RSC Open StagesFrancesca Gilpin2011
MacbethInternational Tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2011
MacbethBath Place Community Venture Basement / RSC Open Stages & ShakeSocSophie Gilpin2011
OtelloBryanston / Dorset Opera CompanyAnna Gregory2011
PagliacciKing's Head Theatre / Opera Up CloseAnna Gregory2011
Primrose Hill Ladies ClubPHLC ProductionsGary Wright2011
Romeo & JulietOxford Spires AcademySam Knipe2011
Romeo & JulietInternational Tour / GB TheatreNeil Sheppeck2011
The ArtisanEdinburgh Festival - Sin Club & Lounge / Cheeky BeggarsJuliane von Sivers2011
The Canterbury TalesSouthwark Playhouse / Tacit TheatreJuliane von Sivers2011
The Judgment of Don QuixoteScuola di Arte Dramatica Paolo Grassi-MilanAndy Crook2011
The Lion The With and The WardrobeBodens StudiosAdam Boden2011
The Medieval BanquetThe Medieval BanquetLisa Gosbee2011
The MediumAccademia dellArteDory Rebekah Ford Sibley2011
The PossibilitiesSutherland House Studio Theatre / Royal HollowayDan Collard2011
The Three MusketeersWestminster Upper SchoolCharlie Hill2011
The Withered ArmRiverside Studios / T?te ? T?teJoanna Turner2011
ToscaBryanston / Dorset Opera CompanyDame Josephine Barstow2011
Twelfth Night (International Tour)GB TheatreDavid Woodward2011
AladdinRegional Theatres / New Pantomime ProductionsSimon Barry2010
As You Like ItTour/GB Theatre CompanyNeil Sheppeck2010
BeowulfOld Queen's Head & Bridewell Theatre / Eclectic OperaBuffy Sharpe2010
friendrequest.comWest Wing Arts Centre / Dog BiteKevin Condliffe2010
Hamlet: Prince of DenmarkUK National Tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2010
Journeys EndTour/Icarus Theatre CollectiveAlastair Whatley2010
JukaiThe Blue Elephant Theatre / Theatre TemoinAilin Conant2010
Little WomenTony Boden Theatre / Boden StudiosAdam Boden2010
Madness of King George national tourOriginal Theatre Company / Icarus Theatre CollectiveAlastair Whatley2010
MarloweHot Tap Theatre & Courtyard Theatre / Theatro TechnisMarysia Kay2010
MarloweGriffon's Edge ProductionsDon Lillie2010
Merry Wives Of WindsorTour/GB Theatre CompanyJenny Stephens2010
Of Mice and MenBroadway Theatre CatfordCameron Jack2010
On the BorderlineBloomsbury Theatre / Interanimation TheatreClara Armand2010
Pirates of PenzanceEpson Playhouse / Epsom Light Opera CompanyLee Power2010
Playboy of the Western WorldRose Theatre / Rose BrufordPat O'Tool2010
Rip Her to ShredsOld Red Lion Theatre / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2010
The CaveThe Blue Elephant TheatreAaron Paterson2010
Troilus & CressidaLOST TheatreAdrian Brown2010
Venetian Masquerade BallMedieval BanquetsDavid Baylif2010
West Side StoryEpsom Playhouse / Epsom PlayersChris Malone2010
A Florentine TragedyPalazzo Davanzati Florence Italy / Syracuse & New York UniversitiesRobert Cameron2009
A Midsummer Nights DreamThe Yellow Chair Performance ExperienceHugh Allison2009
After JulietLondon Studio Centre / SeedtimeSusan Raasay2009
AladdinKings Theatre Southsea / New Pantomime ProductionsSimon Barry2009
An Ode to My SisterUK national tour / Images of ElsewhereYasmin Gurreeboo & Lucy Bradley2009
BouncersWest Wing Rep CompanyKristiina Paul2009
Bugsy MaloneHer Majesty's Theatre London / West End StageMark Puddle2009
Chorus LineHer Majesty's Theatre London / West End StageMark Puddle2009
Christmas ReloadedOld Red Lion / Papa TangoSam Donovan2009
CinderellaHarrow Arts CentreYasmin Gurreeboo2009
EdmondWiltons Music HallElliot Cowan2009
Gloucester Quays Official OpeningGloucester Quays / LivebladesGordon Kemp2009
HairsprayHer Majesty's Theatre London / West End StageMark Puddle2009
High School MusicalHer Majesty's Theatre London / West End StageMark Puddle2009
HookedTheatre 503 & George Square Theatre (Edinburgh Festival) / Polly Coco & Co ProductionsAnna Östergren2009
Jesus Christ SuperstarWyllyotts TheatreAdam Boden2009
Lord of the FliesCatford Broadway TheatreCameron Jack2009
MacbethTour/Arty-Fact Theatre CompanyYvonne Peacock2009
Nature Adores A VacuumSoho Theatre / Solidaire Theatre ProductionsMike Miller2009
One White One BlackRose Bruford Theatre / AmazeHenry Muttoo2009
OthelloUK national tour / Icarus Theatre CollectiveMax Lewendel2009
Reiksguard promotion videoThe Black Library Books / WarhammerRichard Williams2009
Robin HoodWest Wing / Little Wolf EntertainmentZoe Waterman2009
Romeo & JulietTour/Arty-Fact Theatre CompanyYvonne Peacock2009
SlogWest WingRonin Traynor2009
The Comicall Historie of Alphonsus King of AragonUniversity of SussexIldike Solti2009
The Surge 3DVision3 LtdChris Parks2009
The Three MusketeersBerkhamstead SchoolPaul Harvey2009
The Woman BeforeSoho Theatre & Brockley Jack Theatre / Solidaire Theatre ProductionsJuliane von Sivers2009
'Tis Pity She's A WhoreWhite Bear / Baseless FabricJoanna Turner2009
Upside DownArcola Theatre - Adventurers in MovementAlessandra Fel2009
Back to the 80'sCASTRob Ingham2008
Beauty & the BeastWest WingYasmin Gurreeboo2008
Bugsy MaloneWest WingScott Burgess2008
Can You See Me YetBrockley Jack Theatre / Language Laid Bare ProductionsJoanna Turner2008
Foreskin's LamentHackney Empire & Pleasance Courtyard / Trailer Trash TheatreLindsey Bowden2008
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestWest WingRonin Traynor2008
Snow White And The Seven DwarfsHarlow Playhouse / New Pantomime ProductionsSimon Barry2008
the Art of Duelling - DocumentaryCreative Assembly-2008
The CollectorArcola Theatre & Aslan ProductionsBen Caplan2008
The Revenger's TragedyBridewell Theatre Baseless Fabric Theatre CompanyJoanna Turner2008
Wild OatsUpstairs at the Gatehouse / Lost Theatre CompanyAdrian Brown2008
Wind in the WillowsWest WingYasmin Gurreeboo2008
AladdinWest WingLucy Bradley2007
As You Like ItTour/Chapterhouse Theatre CompanyRebecca Gadsby2007
Black ComedyWest WingDanielle Scott2007
Raisa Gorbachev FoundationHampton Court PalaceJon Edgley-Bond2007
Snow White And The Seven DwarfsKings Theatre Southsea / New Pantomime ProductionsSimon Barry2007
The CollectorAslan Productions / Gate Theatre & The Iron BellyBen Caplan2007
AladdinGrand Opera House York / New Pantomime ProductionsSimon Barry2006
CinderellaWest WingYasmin Gurreeboo2006
ConsequencesLambeth Mission / Freestyle ProductionsMax Lewendel2006
Meri ChristmasRIFCO - Reduced Indian Film CompanyPravesh Kumar2006
Mile End FestivalMile End ParkJon Edgley-Bond2006
Summer HolidayBrindley Theatre Runcorn / Halton CouncilSimon Barry2006
The Legend of BeowulfCockpit Theatre / Travesty PlayersDelyth Jones2006
A Fiver's Worth of CourageKate Willoughby ProductionsSarah Norman2005
Almost NothingHen & Chicken Theatre / Beneath the SkinCaroline Ross2005
A View From the BridgeTour / Insight TheatreHelen Walls2004
Sex Drugs & Last Minute GoalsSYPCSarah Jones2004
Wind in the WillowsGrand Opera House York / Clear Channel EntertainmentSimon Barry2004
Wind in the WillowsWhite Rock Hastings / Clear Channel EntertainmentSimon Barry2003
HushFlavourworksParis Zarcilla2021
As Dusk FallsTBA/Interior NightMark Tan2020
Total War - Three KingdomsSEGA / Creative Assembly-2018
Thrones of Britannia - A Total War SagaSEGA / Creative Assembly-2018
Total War - AreanaSEGA / Creative Assembly-2018
EricaFlavourworks/PlaystationJamie Stone2018
360 Fight ClubMuki International / ELAMRosie Collins2017
IdentIndependent Drama-2016
Aruka Dawn-Andrew Nelson2014
Total War - AttilaSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2014
Total War Battles: KingdomCreative Assembly-2014
Total War Battles: ShogunSEGA / Creative Assembly-2014
Rome II Total War - Perils of Empire DocumentarySEGA / Creative Assembly-2013
Total War Rome II - Caesar in GaulCreative Assembly / SEGAGreg Alston2013
Rome II - Total WarSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2012
Shogun 2 - Total War. Saints & Heroes packSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2012
Total War Battles - Shogun (mobile platform)SEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2012
AI Fighting System Product DevelopmentCreative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Kill Zone Mercenary / PSVITASony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited / Guerrilla CambridgeAlan Brand Darren Hyland Lucy Webber2011
Shogun 2 - Total War - Dragon War Battle PackSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Shogun 2 - Total War - Fall of the SamuraiSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Shogun 2 - Total War - Hattori Clan PackSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Shogun 2 - Total War - Ikko Ikki: Warrior monk Clan PackSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Shogun 2 - Total War - Rise of the SamuraiSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Shogun 2 - Total War - Sengoku Jidai PackSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2011
Napoleon Total warSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2010
Napoleon Total War - Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars PackSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2010
Napoleon Total War - Imperial Guard & Colalition PacksSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2010
Napoleon Total War - The Peninsular CampaignSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2010
Shogun 2 - Total WarSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2010
Empire Total War - Elite Units (East West & America)SEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2009
Empire Total War - The Warpath CampaignSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2009
Empire Total WarSEGA / Creative AssemblyGreg Alston2008